Meet our Stylists

Our brilliant stylists are not only remarkably skilled but passionate about everything they do. And they’re here to make you feel as important as you deserve.

With expertise developed in award-winning salons to experience with famous and familiar faces, our team continuously strives for perfection.
  • The exceptionally talented Silje is not only responsible for the evolution of Après; with over twenty years experience in the world of hairdressing, she is also one extremely talented stylist!

    Her many years of experience in the industry have taught her some incredible skills along the way and she has a real talent for client care.

    Silje will always make sure you leave the salon feeling a million bucks and she is the true leader of our Après family.

  • This lady and her winning smile are both popular and proficient in the hair and beauty field!

    Grete Mari previously worked as a successful makeup technician for Sebastian and her winning talent has won her Hairdresser of the Year several times over.

    Also one of our brilliant bridal stylists, Grete Mari will always welcome you with open arms and has a unique way of always knowing exactly what her client needs.

    As you can imagine, she is a lady in demand and you need to be early to grab some time with Grete Mari.

    Want to book an hour? Send her a little e-mail at


  • In addition to being a very talented hairdresser, he is also a musician and photographer – our own expression “Highest Level of Refinement” is certainly inspired by Trond.

    Passionate about everything he does, Trond gives all of himself to everyone he meets and is enthusiastically generous with compliments. This Master Stylist excels in all aspects of his work; with incredible skills in both male and female hairdressing, it’s safe to say we’re very lucky to have him here at Après.

    Want to book an hour with Trond? Drop him an e-mail at

  • With extensive experience working for several successful companies, both home and abroad, Caroline has gathered a lot of talent along the way.

    She is always a great source of inspiration for everybody here at Après, and is very deserving of her title as Creative Director.

    Detail conscious, knowledgeable and a self-confessed perfectionist; Caroline is driven by her passion to make her client’s dreams a reality.

    She truly shines when it comes to bridal styling and conjures up the most beautiful looks with perfection and elegance.

    Want to book an hour? Feel free to send her an e-mail at

  • This ray of sunshine shone into our lives at Après earlier this year and she has some seriously incredible talent in both hair and make-up!

    As well as working at the prestigious Hairspray salon, Malin’s skills are also renowned with a handful of famous faces. She is extremely passionate about everything she does and has become quite the coveted stylist and sought after make-up artist.

    Malin always has a smile on her face and never fails to make sure her clients are remarkably well taken care of.

    Want to book an hour? Drop her an e-mail at

  • Had it not been for this delightful lady, Après would not be where we are now!

    Henrikke has worked at Après for five years now and has been with us from the very beginning. She is a wonder at juggling work and it’s thanks to her that everything is taken care of at any one time.

    Besides her enviable organisation skills, her heart of gold, winning smile, and commitment to great quality work has made her a much sought-after stylist. And to top it all off, her talent with cool, natural colours has given her a sterling reputation amongst both clients and other stylists.

    Want to book an appointment with this ray of sunshine? Be sure to get in early and send a mail to

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“Outstanding and skilled hairdressing in a truly warm atmosphere”